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Thanks to internet technology SirJ brings the efficiency of a new and simple way to access business information in the Automotive spare parts industry, reducing the time waste and improving productivity.

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The first specific management for the aftermarket parts industry in the web environment.

Through SIRJ you can manage your business by easily and quickly consulting all the informations you need.

Experience and innovation.

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship... the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”

Peter Drucker

SirJ is the newest and most advanced software solution on the automotive spare parts market but with 20 years of experience and expertise behind. The web technology on which SirJ is based allows every professional to optimize his productivity: from administration to counter, from logistics to sales.

SirJ is a modular solution to accompany the evolution of the company over time and preserve the software investment. Therefore with SirJ it comes a new way to manage the company working in the aftermarket sector . Just browse!

The benefits of SirJ

Skip to SirJ and be able to:
  • Instantly access all the informations you are interested in on the net.
  • Share your warehouse with colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  • Flexibly generate and consult statistics and business intelligence solutions.
  • Optimize time and cut costs.
  • Natively integrate business Databases and E-commerce.
  • Access to shared features even remotely.
  • Powerful and real-time statistics, business intelligence solutions.
  • Ensure maximum security to informations.
SirJ is integrated with the inforicambi database, therefore you can always have cross references, list prices, alternatives, pictures and all relevant information for your commercial evaluations on-line and straight into your management.